We offer offer a range of professional services to help your business to become more efficient and profitable.

Acumen Applied Ltd can help your organisation grow

Acumen Applied Ltd is experienced in organisational development, and no matter what size your business is, or what business you’re in, we have a great range of solutions to help your business thrive.

New to business

If you’re tired of the rat race, and thinking about buying or starting a new business, Acumen Applied Ltd can help ensure that you make the right investment. Our professional staff can help you create a workable business plan which outlines your financial goals, and then help you to achieve them. Starting out in business can be a daunting time, but with Acumen Applied, we can let you get on starting your business while we take care of the rest. So if you are looking for a professional company to lead your organisational development in Invercargill, you found it iwith us at Acumen Applied Ltd.

Business development

Once your company starts to make a profit, you feel at ease. But when your business reaches your comfort zone, but doesn’t go any further, Acumen Applied can help. We can show you ways to strengthen ties with your existing client base, as well as how to generate new customers. We can help you improve your sales, marketing, customer service, logistics and management to help you grow your business further, and achieve new goals and profitability.

Risk management

Some risks cannot be avoided. But Acumen Applied can help you devise a plan to minimise the likelihood of risks becoming failures or even worse, lost revenue, customers, injury or loss of life. We can help you to identify possible risks within your business, the impact that these risks could have, and the probability of them actually occurring. We then will help you to devise your organisational development plan to minimise your risks, potentially saving you lots of money in the future.

Team working on an organisational development plan in Invercargill